Salad Days Celebrates Another Successful School Year

Salad Days, the event-based garden education program for 3rd graders, finished up a few weeks ago after another successful school year. Over 800 students participated by growing over 1,000 square feet of salad mix across 9 elementary school gardens in Lynn. Salad Days is run by FoodCorps members serving at The Food Project in Lynn in partnership with the Lynn School District and UMass Extension. 3rd graders at 9 elementary schools in Lynn came out to their school gardens in early March to plant lettuce mix and learn about what plants need to grow. 6 weeks later, they harvested the lettuce, washed it, and tasted it with salad dressing prepared by Nightshade pop-up restaurant. They also planted carrots that they will harvest next fall as fourth graders. Learn more about the work FoorCorps members are doing in Lynn

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