In 2017, the Lynn Grows Steering Committee drafted a vision and list of 6 priorities to guide our work in creating a better food system in Lynn. During the winter of 2017 and spring of 2018, we held listening sessions with diverse groups across the city to present the vision and priorities and get feedback from community members. We asked people which priorities were most important to them and what they thought was missing. We have incorporated this feedback into our strategy moving forward and continue to look for resident and stakeholder engagement in all of our work.  Click on the priorities below to get more information and learn how you can be involved. 


School Food

Design a strategy around how Lynn residents and institutional partners can work with and support the school district to provide more healthy and culturally relevant food in Lynn public schools.  



Develop and support a variety of funding streams for consumer incentives that focus on local purchasing of fruits and vegetables for low-income residents and elderly residents in Lynn.



Expand existing food access points for low-income residents and elderly residents in Lynn.


Food Education

Plan and implement an experiential learning strategy to shift health outcomes related to food for Lynn residents.



Build upon existing partnership with the city around community garden management and strengthen and build up the community garden network.


Local Food Business

Build a win-win local and healthy food system that encourages small business development, economic growth and affordable local food/healthy options for Lynn residents