School food in lynn

In Lynn, FoodCorps members serving at The Food Project work in 9 elementary schools on a variety of programs to enhance children's knowledge of and appreciation for growing food and healthy eating. FoodCorps members work with the schools to install and maintain school gardens, plant and harvest veggies with students, run after school programs, and offer taste tests in cafeterias. Additionally, the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance runs the Lynn Youth Health Alliance, which is a group of high school students committed to promoting positive change around food and health in their community. 


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School gardens and salad days

In Lynn, FoodCorps service members help maintain gardens in 9 elementary schools and run Salad Days for 3rd graders. During Salad Days, every 3rd grader in the school gets to plant mixed lettuce seeds in the garden beds. They water it and tend to the garden until the salad mix is ready to harvest. Before the end of the school year the students harvest the salad, eat it with homemade dressing, and plant carrots to harvest the following fall. Salad Days are meant to give each student a seed-to-fork experience, the opportunity to see vegetables grow, and a chance to connect with the land and their food. Currently 800 students participate in Salad Days and grow over 1,000 square feet of salad mix across Lynn's schools. 

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