Who we Are

Lynn Grows is a partnership between The Food Project, the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance, other stakeholders, and Lynn residents. Our goal is to build a better food system that works for everyone. Today, Lynn Grows is comprised of a steering committee of around 25 people who are mostly residents. 

Our History

Lynn Grows came out of community outreach work that The Food Project began doing in Lynn in 2010. The Food Project developed a food justice workshop series that focused on engaging youth, but found that there was a need to reach more people in the community. For this reason, they proposed a partnership with the Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance (LFFA) in 2015 to address ways of improving the local food system. This partnership was called Lynn Grows and focused on engaging Lynn residents to build positive change. In 2016 The Food Project started a 2-part workshop series about food justice and inequalities in the food system here in Lynn. Residents who participated in both parts of this series were invited to sit on a steering committee for Lynn Grows. During the fall of 2017, the Steering Committee drafted a Vision and list of 6 Priorities. From November 2017 to April 2018, staff members from The Food Project and LFFA led listening sessions with organizations and community groups throughout the city to present the work of Lynn Grows and gather feedback from residents about what they would like to see changed in the Lynn food system. Today, we continue to engage residents and stakeholders in finding ways to improve the local food system. 

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A 'food system' is the entire seed to fork process - that includes all components of growing and producing food to getting it into a meal on your plate

            Lynn Grows Steering Committee at the first meeting in June, 2017

            Lynn Grows Steering Committee at the first meeting in June, 2017


Special thanks to the steering committee members who helped Lynn Grows get this far! 

Dena Capano, Abigail Conner, Sadi Diazabakana, Daniel Encarnacion, Martha Francois, Eric Frauwirth, David Gass, Norris Guscott, Mukaji Diazabakana, Rediet Habtegebriel, Alix Pierre-Toussaint, Omar Carranza, Marie Pacius, Yonerky Santana, Son Wooten, Tish Mukala, Jeanne Baranek, Shamarah Gibson, Mary Magnar, Muriel Clement, Dharma Cortes, Mary Gatlin, Cyriah Thomas, John Wang, Emmaneul Encarnacion, Olivia Boggiano-Peterson, Annie Gibbons, and Makenzie Mackin.